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Simple Snack Ideas for Playdates That You Should Try


Simple Snack Ideas

Snack plays a big role in making kids' activities more fun. It is because they need to replenish their energy during physical activities. However, a most parent still doesn’t understand how to find the perfect snacks during playdates. If you want to plan the best snack menu that easy to do yet meaningful, here are several snack ideas that are great for your kids.

Simple Snacks That You Should Prepare for Your Kids

1. Homemade Fruit Popsicles

Fruit popsicles are one of the best options for your kids, especially if the activities that kids participate in are outdoor. It is because popsicles combine the freshness of fruit dan frozen texture. You can choose a lot of flavors that can mix with various fruits to make it more delightful for your kids.

To make this snack is easy. All you need are fruits, honey, and stick. You can mix and match them to use different fruits or juices to change up the flavor. Since you make a snack for playdates with your kids, it is better to add sweetness from the honey. So, the freshness of the fruit still can be tasted without reducing the natural sweetness of the main ingredients.

2. Kale Chips

Are you looking for an alternative snack for kids? If yes, you can make Kale and turns it into delicious snacks that kids will love. This snack is simple, it is made of dried kale leaves and olive oil as the main ingredients. If your kids like salty taste, it is better to season it with salt and ground black pepper.

After that, you can cook the kale leaves in the oven until turn into chips. This process won’t take too long. You can wait for about seven to ten minutes to make a delicious snack. At this point, kale chips can be eaten immediately or stored for up to three days or when the kid's activities have arrived.

3. Butter Cookies

Everyone loves butter cookies, especially your kid for playdates! There are numerous methods and ways to prepare butter cookies. You can make it snack by yourself or get it at the store. Whatever your recipe that you will choose, you need to make a cookie from the finest ingredients and baked it until golden brown.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are the ultimate last-minute snacks that perfect for your kids. First, you don’t need particular fruits to make it. Anything that is available inside the fridge can be the best ingredients. Second, most fruits have a naturally sweet taste that kids love. So, it is impossible to fail when preparing smoothies as a kids’ snack.

Not only have that, but smoothies are also packed with a lot of fiber and vitamins. These nutrients serve numerous benefits that are good for kids of any age. In addition, smoothies are easy to make since most recipes need frozen fruits, yogurt, ice cubes, water, and milk that are perfect for playdates.

Finding a perfect snack for your kids is not as difficult as you think. As a parent, you can choose a simple recipe to make delicious food. You can start to make smoothies that don’t require specific ingredients. All you need just fresh fruits and some additional ingredients. You can also make butter cookies, kale chips, and homemade fruit popsicles.

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